Experience and Values

Simon Hands, Director.

Simon Hands, Director.

I have over 25 years industry experience during which I have performed various technical roles, often with a strong Defined Benefit Occupational Pension Scheme bias.

The 14 years immediately preceding the formation of Hands on Compliance were spent working for a medium sized IFA practice with 20+ Registered Individuals and a geographical presence spanning most of the UK. My responsibilities included Compliance Oversite (CF10), Pension Transfer Specialist (CF30/CF24) and Training and Competence. The sale of that business in early 2017 presented me with the exciting opportunity to set up my own Compliance firm to service a community of people I have a huge amount of respect for and dare I say it, sympathy, given the seemingly endless regulatory and legislative sea of change that defines life in UK financial services.

My approach is very much hands on as the name would imply and I like to deal with clients face to face as much as possible. Whilst I always do my best to make myself available on the telephone regardless of the hour, I believe the value of my service is best felt through the regular visit cycle I look to establish with all firms and by getting to know you, your employees and your business personally. Whether you need a full scope compliance service or just focused support to address a specific area, I will be extremely pleased to discuss where I might add value.

Most of the services offered are subject to a fixed fee or daily rate, however I am quite happy to quote for work and projects not covered by the schedule of Core Services, which is far from exhaustive.

Advantages of using Hands on Compliance

    • Initial consultation is provided at no cost
    • Continuity – I will be the only person that visits your firm or does any work on your behalf. If you call, it will be me personally who answers the telephone and deals with your query. Client numbers will be tightly controlled to ensure this remains a feature of the proposition
    • Flexibility – service will be tailored to your individual requirements and budget. Ongoing service clients will be fee to call, regardless of the hour for advice and guidance on pressing matters
    • Years of practical experience in the IFA sector and a genuine understanding of the challenges firms face in striking a balance between achieving regulatory compliance, delivering outstanding service and suitable advice outcomes for customers and generating profit for business stakeholders
    • Extensive knowledge and experience in the Defined Benefit Occupational Pension scheme arena
    • Pragmatic, friendly and helpful service – I do not shy away from giving opinion and guidance on the array of issues firms have to negotiate in the course of business. I believe in working collaboratively to find compliant solutions that serve your objectives and your customers’ needs
    • Range of standard templates and procedures
    • Simple pricing structure
  •  no VAT on fees (every effort will be made to keep this a long-term feature of our proposition)
  •  no retainers – you only pay for the services you want when you want them
  •  no additional expenses to our published fees wherever possible*
  •  most services are subject to a standard daily rate or fixed fee. Work can also be agreed on an hourly rate
  •  the option to spread the cost of regular services over monthly instalments
  • Member of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC)

*Where a separate cost is to be charged for travel or subsistence, this will be kept to a minimum and always agreed in advance. Travel costs will be based on standard class rail fare, economy class air fare or published car mileage rates. Accommodation will typically be arranged though Premier Inn or alternative establishments of a similar ilk and price.